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Smoke Sun Visor Window Guard Molding A098 For CHEVROLET 2006-2017 Captiva

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Brand: AC, Material: ABS Plastic
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Smoke Sun Visor Window Guard Molding A098
?For CHEVROLET 2006-2015 Captiva / Winstorm
Vehicle Fit
  • 2006-2017 : CHEVROLET Captiva / Winstorm
  • ?
  • Condition : 100% Brand New & Unused (Quality Checked before shipping)
  • Composition : 4EA (1Set)
  • Color : Smoke
  • Made : Made in South Korea
  • This item will improve the look of your Exterior.
  • Great Exterior Upgrade!
  • After the correct install steps, you will see your vehicle become more perfectly.
  • In fact, this item have very high quality fitment on your vehicle.
  • About the satisfied feeling for you will be decided by your technology and carefully observation!!
  • We wish you have a joyful experience on this option of your own vehicle!!
  • If you don't know how to install, Please check our item description.?This item does NOT include installation instruction

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Manufacturer Part Number:
ABS Plastic

Kind of Parts

Exterior Accessories :
  • Sun Visor